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Tixuz.com is an online classifieds portal. Tixuz.com does not own the products and services offered on the site and is not responsible for transactions between users of the site. Tixuz.com provides only one tool that allows users to enter a business relationship. Each advertiser is solely responsible for the legality of your advertisement, as well as shipping, billing and any agreement between him and his client.


The advertisements published on Tixuz.com Portal may not include the content listed below, nor may they contain references or references to sites that include and track such content. The following list may change without prior notice and at any time:

  • Pornography and content that is not suitable for a minor audience are prohibited.
  • Violent content or promotion of violence.
  • Content exacerbates racial intolerance and any type of attack directed against a person, group or association.
  • misuse of vulgar language
  • hacking
  • Content related to games of chance, lotteries (official or not), betting and casinos.
  • Content related to drugs, drugs and the drug community
  • sells tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and any product, service or item that promotes the consumption of your products
  • Promotion and sale of medicines that require a medical prescription.
  • sale of weapons, ammunition and related items, including electric shock guns
  • sale of imitations, forgery and counterfeiting of branded or protected items, such as luxury and fashion items or fashion items
  • Sale and distribution of academic degrees and diplomas, official exams and exams and any other related document.
  • Any other illegal content according to the law, or that incites illegal actions or activities.


Tixuz.com is considered a suitable site to be used by minors. This means that content intended only for an adult audience can not be accepted on the site. These ads will be rejected during the acceptance process that takes place before each publication. As an indication, here is a list of topics that our control services will not accept to publish. Examples of content not suitable for publication:

  • Porn Pictures
  • Pornographic drawings, animated and hentai.
  • Obsessive and provocative images.
  • Ads from (and for) contact sites or adult dating.
  • Ads of accompaniment services, company, including gigolos, dancers and dancers of erotic, table and strip dancing.
  • Underwear and suggestive clothing.
  • Language vulgar, indecent and rude anywhere on the site and chat.
  • Sexual advice and suggestions.
  • Spam with sexual character and spam in general through the comments feature of the site
  • Publication of search results with adult content.
  • Ads and links to external sites that contain messages for adults.
  • Accessories, devices, devices and instruments related to sexual stimulation, such as: vibrators, dildos, petroleum jelly, body lubricants, sex toys, inflatable dolls, sex videos or videos of the sexual parts of the body.
  • Ads of medicines and medical products (or others) related to sexual activity.
  • Spa, massage or other services that hide sexual activities or offers.


In Tixuz.com spam is not allowed in any way. This includes the multiple publication of an ad, although it has been slightly modified. It is ordered to publish different ads for different products or services. In case of doubt, contact our customer service department.


At Tixuz.com, our ad acceptance service will reject defamatory ads or ads that show third-party information, which occurs before the ads are published. In case of problems with another user of the site, we recommend that you contact our support service by Chat or Ticket, giving the most accurate description of your complaint.


All the information you post on Tixuz.com will be publicly displayed. Once detected by search engines like Google, it will be difficult to leave this information on the Internet. We recommend that you avoid publishing confidential information or personal data that may be used without your knowledge or prejudice. In addition, it is better to use our internal messaging system to communicate with other users of the site. So your email address will remain secret At Tixuz.com we only keep the minimum data necessary in our databases so that your account can work, that is, your name and email. It is up to you to decide what information you want to publish openly. This under his profile in the administration panel. The images you use for your ads can be active up to 2 years after the cancellation of the corresponding announcement. If you decide to publish more information publicly, this will allow you to send (to your email) offers or proposals more specific, appropriate and, of course, useful about the products and services you are looking for. This option, of course, can be disabled in its administration panel.


We use certain encrypted cookies to allow our users to connect more quickly and easily to our site. Some services of advertising advertisers or statistical analysis such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Hotwords, adcash) collect data in relation to the pages visited on our site to optimize the advertisements that are proposed. With the idea of ​​offering a more efficient and adequate service according to your research. Frequently, these advertising offers ideally complement the range of offers that are sent to you. The little information collected guarantees your anonymity and does not endanger your phone. In addition, you can accept or reject the use of cookies in your admin panel. In case of doubt, you can contact our customer service department. Learn more about the cookies policy here


This is a special service we offer to users who have their own website where they already publish ads or offers. In this case, you can publish these ads and each new ad on our site at the same time. For this, there is an "Automatic Ads" feature in your control panel that you can easily activate by inserting the URL of your site. You will receive a confirmation message when the link has been approved. Please also check your spam emails. Finally, you can always cancel this connection or any announcement individually, in case you do not want to publish it.


At Tixuz.com we use several systems and programs to optimize your search results. In particular, we apply a system of payment points to users who post their ads on social networks (currently, Twitter, Facebook and Google+). When an ad gets a positive rating or a retweet, this results in points for that ad. Ads with the most accumulated points appear at the top of search results lists. An attempted fraudulent abuse of this compensation program, by cheating or attempting to access our servers, leads to the cancellation of the user's account.


We make access to your Facebook, Google+ and other social media accounts easy, fast and secure in the future. Our applications and programs can not publish on your social networks or connect with you. your contacts When you register for the first time in Tixuz.com, in one of the social networks, we just file your name, email and photo in our database. Your Tixuz.com account is completely independent of your accounts on social networks. If you have any questions about it, our customer service will be happy to help you.


As Tixuz.com does not participate in negotiations between users, apart from the provision of a sales portal for Internet users, we are not responsible for any problems that may arise among users, even if there is fraud We suggest that knows the current and current practices in several forums and specialized blogs. In particular, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the offer extremely beneficial to be true?
  • Does the seller come to register?
  • Does the seller have a good reputation?
  • Does the seller have a business, a store or an address where he can be found in case of difficulties?
  • Can I trust a salesman who pushes me to make an urgent form?
  • What is known about this person?

A serious seller will always provide you with the information you need to make your purchase decision. Do not hesitate to request more information about your business or your person. Of course, it is always best to deal with a local vendor or customer.